French Leader in Light and Audio Signalling for Emergency Vehicles.

New Products

  • Kit CCS4

    Kit CCS4

    4 outputs

    Diagnostic Software PARA CCS CAN 2010

    Diagnostic Software PARA CCS CAN 2010

      Free software !
  • L52 LED light

    L52 LED light

    NEW ! 9 mm - Imagine the...

    Portable Warning Unit

    Portable Warning Unit

      A mobile and simple system...


Product Range

  • Beacons/Rotators


  • Light-bars


  • Audio-signalling


  • Warning Triangles

    Warning Triangles

  • Combined Signalling

    Combined Signalling

  • Multiplexed Electronic Systems

    Multiplexed Electronic Systems

  • Traffic Barrier Lights

    Traffic Barrier Lights

  • Stock clearance

    Stock clearance