French Leader in Light and Audio Signalling for Emergency Vehicles.

New Products

  • VEGA lightbar with siren

    VEGA lightbar with siren

    Extra low profile lightbar with...

    Mini VEGA lightbar

    Mini VEGA lightbar

    Extra low profile mini lightbar with...
  • Quick Mount Signalling Bar

    Quick Mount Signalling Bar

    Warning triangle with quick mount...

    Pack CCS 4 LS

    Pack CCS 4 LS

    4 output : Light and Sound
  • NANO 112 +

    NANO 112 +

    Our new generation multifunctional...


  • Exhibition 14-15 April 2016

    Exhibition 14-15 April 2016

      See you tomorrow in Perpignan !!


  • Standby Group has acquired Pintsch Bamag Warntechnik, Germany

    Standby Group has acquired Pintsch Bamag Warntechnik, Germany

    On April 1st 2016, the Standby Group acquired the German company Pintsch Bamag Warntechnik. Pintsch Bamag...


Product Range

  • LED lights

    LED lights

  • Light-bars


  • Audio signalling

    Audio signalling

  • Warning Triangles

    Warning Triangles

  • Combined Signalling

    Combined Signalling

  • Multiplexed Electronic Systems

    Multiplexed Electronic Systems

  • Traffic Barrier Lights

    Traffic Barrier Lights

  • Stock clearance

    Stock clearance