You will find on this page all the specific terms, the abbreviation, the “slang vocabulary” used in our profession.
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 AK5  Symbol used on signalling triangles : road works
AK14Symbol used on signalling triangles : exclamation point (Danger)
AK31 Symbol used on signalling triangles : Accident

Multiplexing approach which consists in connecting one wiring loom to a maximum number of modules which, in turn, communicate one after the other. Only one cable is necessary to control all the vehicle equipment.

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Candelas / lux/ lumen  

Candelas : unit for measuring the light intensity,

lux : unit for measuring the illuminance,

lumen : unit for measuring the luminous flux.

CCS CAN Centralized control unit for specific vehicles with CAN automotiv protocol transmission
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility. Our products are EMC Approved, which means that the installation of our equipment in the vehicle will not interfere with the other equipment mounted (for example, no statics problems) and that our products will not have interference from other electrical elements
CL1Class 1 Visual devices with only one level of luminosity
CL2Class 2Visual devices able to switch between two levels of luminosity  (a daytime mode and a night time mode)
DCDirect CurrentContinuous input voltage of a product
dB Decibel

A unit of measuring the loudness of the sound


Grill lights LED light mounted on the grill panel of the vehicles. It eases movement through traffic and allows for better visibility (especially in the other vehicle’s view mirrors)
ISO mounting Normalised mounting for every signalling specialist in order to be installed on any type of vehicle.
FLUEmergency Light Arrow 23-light arrow
LoudspeakerA speaker or loudspeaker is an electroacoustic transducer that produces sound in response to an electrical audio signal input
Day/Night siren

The day mode is the normal operating mode.

The night mode decreases the siren’s power.

Control unitModule which enables interactions between the user and the system.
Power unitModule which disposes of power outputs.
PLCCigar Lighter PlugProvides power to the product via the vehicle’s cigar lighter plug.
PMV/LMPVariable message panelThe VMP enables to broadcast messages between 10 and 12 characters (according to the VMP model). It is possible to register a hundred messages. The Mercura VMPs are conform to the XP P 98-573 standard.
R65 European approval ECE R65. This approval states standards to respect in term of the source’s lightning power and to the open angles of the light beam.
SSirenIt is a generator and amplifier of warning signalling which is connected to a loudspeaker. Mono or multitone, MERCURA has a great choice of siren tones.
PAPublic AdressThe Public Adress enables to broadcast vocal messages from a microphone connected with a loudspeaker.

Suction mount system


WarningBeacon lightbar modeThe amber beacons flash all at the same time
Alterned warningBeacon lightbar modeLike the warning mode, the lights flash all at the same time, still, with this mode the user can choose to make it flash from the center to the ends or from the right to the left.
XLExtra LargeA size bigger than the standard size.