Led Beacons

StandBy Mercura offers you a full range of LED beacon. Our products have many technical characteristics, which makes them adaptable to each trade. We use quality materials but also ultra-powerful LEDs for the manufacture of our Led beacon. Colours: Orange, Blue, Red, Green, White. Light flashing mode: rotating or flashing. Various sizes, powers and fixing methods adapted to your needs. Class 1 or Class 2 light output. The Gyroled range is a trademark registered by Standby Mercura. All our beacons comply with automotive standards and in particular R65 (for vehicles on the road), R10 (electromagnetic compatibility), as well as EASA/ICAO (for airports) standards.  

Gyroled M130

The Gyroled M130 Class 2 is a new LED beacon with 13 flash patterns. Available in several colours.

Gyroled M80 Class 1

13 flashing patterns, modifiable in few seconds!

Gyroled Classic

Classic LED beacon R65 Class 1 approved. Available in several colours.

Amber Gyroled for Airports

The LED Beacon with ICAO & EASA Standards for Airports

Gyroled Classic Stick

Gyroled Stick with suction cup and cigarette lighter plug. Available in blue, amber, red, green, crystal.

Battery powered magnetic Gyroled Classic

Battery powered magnetic Gyroled Classic (amber, red, green, crystal) in flash or rotating mode.

Gyroled Motor-Bike Mast

Motor-Bike Mast with Gyroled® Class 1 rotating or flashing

Gyroled Class 2 Amber

Rotating or flashing mode

Gyroled Kombi

A single light for two functions!