LED Work Lights

Find our complete range of LED Work Lights with different technologies, including a range of high-performance LED floodlights and lighting that can be used in any environment. Powerful searchlight for permanent mounting. Comes with a remote control, design and easy to use, wired or wireless. Quick adjustment of projector speed and rotation. Remote use: possibility of controlling the projector via bluetooth via an application downloaded from a smartphone. Automatic reset switch. Our projectors and LED Work Lights have many technical characteristics, which make them adaptable to each trade. In addition, they comply with all standards, in particular EMC approvals according to directive 2006/28 and regulation R10.

Laser Searchlight 2

LED motorized searchlight + remote control

L98 Light Strip

A narrow yet robust work light.

Projoled XL2

Phare de travail à LED - convergent ou diffusant