Standby Mercura offers you a complete range of LED signaling lightbar. Ideal for your service vehicles. The top of the performance with meticulously chosen materials, you can always rely on the Standby Mercura lightbar when you are in the field. We use quality materials but also ultra-powerful LEDs for the manufacture of our light bars. Type M ramp (round) with integrated LED beacons or VEGA ramp (extraflat) with integrated LED modules. You choose ! All our signaling ramps adapt to your needs: lengths, number of flashing lights or LED modules, projectors, siren, loudspeaker... Many options can also be added: Cruise function (patrol), Public Address function (broadcasting and amplification of messages), video surveillance camera option, VMS option (variable message sign).

Amber VEGA lightbar

Extra low profile lightbar, with or without siren

VEGA lightbar for recovery vehicles

VEGA lightbar for recovery vehicles

Mini VEGA amber with electronic control panel

Choose the control panel suitable for your MINI VEGA S lightbar

Amber Mini VEGA lightbar

Extra low profile mini lightbar with integrated siren and loudspeaker !

M Lightbar with message panel

Mercura® Technology and quality

Stand-alone VMP

stand-alone VMP for parcel shelf

Stand-alone raising VMP

Stand-alone and raising Variable Message Panel

ML61 and ML71 Lightbars

2 amber rotating or flashing Gyroled

ML62 and ML72 series

4 amber rotating or flashing Gyroleds