Multiplexed Electronic Systems

Intelligent management of Multiplexed Electronic System and additional equipment on board the vehicle. The Mercura Standby control box kits allow intelligent management of additional equipment on board the vehicle. • The possible grouping on the same control button of the commissioning or the operating mode of several pieces of equipment • Enslavement of equipment operation to conditions chosen by the user (handbrake, engine running, day/night, etc.) Energy management functions such as: - The coupling of additional batteries - A standby mode - Low voltage alarms Compliant with the technical specifications of car manufacturers, our Multiplexed Electronic System are installed without modifying the original circuit. Easily removable, it can be reused on other vehicles.

E-zy Topometer

The E-zy topometer is a stand-alone tool with different functions: odometer, beaconing, interval measurement.

Pack CCS 4 Lite

Pack CCS 4 Lite, boitier de commande entrée de gamme, pour véhicules de services (4 sorties)

Kit CCS4

Commercial 4 outputs

Stabilizer / Converter MSC 124

Voltage stabilizer / Converter for digital radio MSC 124

Kit CCS8

Commercial 8 outputs

Kit CCS11

Commercial 11 outputs

Additional power blocks – VEGA S

For extra features (e.g.: Strengthening light, marker lights, etc.) Plug & Play technology

MOTORLOCK stand-alone anti-theft

You don't have to stop your engine to protect your vehicle from being stolen!

R124 Battery reconditioner

Battery desulphator and regenerator