Multiplexed Electronic Systems

A CAN-Bus interfaced control system with very high reliability. Designed and manufactured according to common vehicle standards and makes it possible to control an endless variety of functions in a vehicle.

E-zy Topometer

The E-zy topometer is a stand-alone tool with different functions: odometer, beaconing, interval measurement.

Pack CCS 4 Lite

Pack CCS 4 Lite, boitier de commande entrée de gamme, pour véhicules de services (4 sorties)

Kit CCS4

Commercial 4 outputs

Stabilizer / Converter MSC 124

Voltage stabilizer / Converter for digital radio MSC 124

Kit CCS8

Commercial 8 outputs

Kit CCS11

Commercial 11 outputs

Additional power blocks – VEGA S

For extra features (e.g.: Strengthening light, marker lights, etc.) Plug & Play technology

MOTORLOCK stand-alone anti-theft

You don't have to stop your engine to protect your vehicle from being stolen!

R124 Battery reconditioner

Battery desulphator and regenerator