Warning Triangles

Find in this section all the LED warning triangles. A resin for protection against vibrations, corrosion and short circuits coats their electronic control unit. Among the various signs put in place on the roads, one of the most specific is the temporary signage. It temporarily replaces the other forms of signaling present on the track. This type of signaling can be put in place in the context of works, accidents or danger. Interministerial instruction on road signs: Temporary signaling signs carried by vehicles can be of "small" size and possibly, for light vehicles, of "miniature" size when they are supplemented by synchronized beacon and warning lights. For slow-moving vehicles whose speed in service does not exceed 25 km/h. Warning triangles : Type of signs in Europe : Works signs (AK5, 123, 142, A20, 7001... ), danger signs (AK14, 562,...), accident signs (AK31)

Magnetic Triangle 500

Magnetic triangle 500 with or without Gyroled M80


Triled 500 Class T1- Light : Ø74 mm

Trileds 700

Triled 700 Class 1 - Light Ø74 mm

1000 Encased Triangle

1000 mm encased triangle with electric pop up system

Triangle with Electric Raising System

Electric Raising increases the useful life of the triangle and makes it easy to use. For slow-moving vehicles with service...

Encased triangle 1250

1250 encased triangle with electric pop up system

Quick Mount Signalling Bar

Warning triangle with quick mount fixing system

Electronic raising BSU

Set of one electronic raising triangle and one halogen light

BSU Electric Raising

Set of one triangle and two lights