Audio signalling

Standby Mercura offers a wide range of products for audio signalling. High performance loudspeakers and sirens that adapt to all trades. CATEGORY A RESERVED FOR PRIORITY GENERAL INTEREST VEHICLES. Order of October 30, 1987 amended by the order of August 27, 2015: POLICE tones - Vehicles of police services, customs, vehicles of the Ministry of Justice assigned to the transport of detainees, vehicles of the Municipal Police (Decree n°2005-425)- GENDARMERIE Vehicles of the gendarmerie services FIREFIGHTERS Vehicles of fire-fighting services SAMU - U.M.H. intervention vehicles CATEGORY B RESERVED FOR GENERAL INTEREST VEHICLES BENEFITING FROM FACILITIES OF PASSAGE (all category B vehicles except winter service vehicles). Order of July 23, 1974 amended by the order of August 27, 2015 about audio signalling: Tones (TP ASA)

PSU: Portable Signalling Unit

Portable beacon with siren: all in one product!

MDB 120

Siren and speaker unit built into the number plate


Mercura presents the new generation of multifunction unit!


Compact multifunction unit with all emergency vehicle signaling controls!


Efficient, powerful, compact, easy to install in any motor compartments, even the most cluttered !

MP5 Multi-tone Duo Loudspeaker

All-in-one siren and loudspeaker solution!

MP5 “Flash” siren

One of the smallest sirens on the market !

Flat Loudspeaker

Extra flat loudspeaker that fits easily into the vehicle!

150 W Loudspeaker Range

Rectangular or round speaker / with casing for roof mounting