Audio signalling

Mercura offers a wide range of high performance loudspeakers and sirens.


for undercover application (121dB (A) in 3,5m)

MP5 “Flash” siren

One of the smallest sirens on the market !

MDB 120

Siren and speaker unit built into the number plate

MP5 Multi-tone Duo Loudspeaker

All-in-one siren and loudspeaker solution !

PSU : Portable Signalling Unit

Light, audio and portative signalling all in one same product !


Efficient, powerful, compact, easy to install in any motor compartments, even the most cluttered !

Portable Warning Device

A mobile and simple system with a powerful loudspeaker which enables a safe evacuation against danger !

NANO 112 +

Our new generation multifunctional module incorporates all emergency vehicle signalling functions!

NANO 112

Mercura presents its new generation multifunctional module !