On-board roof systems

On-board roof systems intended for fire brigade intervention vehicles. Compact dimensions, in aluminum, light, resistant, insensitive to corrosion and recyclable. To reduce consumption: possibility of having all luminous components with LED, integrated energy management and control by multiplexing. On-board roof systems sets are divided into 3 ranges to suit all types of vehicles. ZENO > Arrow with 23 lights (Frame size L) - NORA > Arrow with 14 lights (Frame size M or L) - AKIO > Without arrow (Frame size S, LS or L) From 2022, all of our Emergency Light Arrow sets will have the RED St. Andrew's Cross feature. (The lights concerned will be two-tone - orange/red). Compliant with regulations.

Emergency Light Arrow with 23 lights (KR43)

Composed of 23-LED lights, a L new frame and a VMP

EBS 1250

Composed of a triangle, L new frame and VMP