These are specific regulations which should not be taken lightly!

Signalling devices for service vehicles working on public highways are subject to very strict and specific regulations. If a vehicle is equipped with signalling devices that do not comply with these rules, the persons responsible for the vehicle fleet would be liable to prosecution in the event of an accident.
• Authorised products can be identified by an approval number which must appear on the actual product.
• The numbers and conditions under which signalling products have been validated and tested are indicated in a document issued by official bodies such as the UTAC in France.
• They comply with current Automotive regulations.
• Applicable regulations: R65, Electromagnetic compatibility standard, etc.

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Our products are approved by UTAC in France, in compliance with applicable notional and European regulations

Regulatory information

Certain vehicles have special horns that allow them to use special provisions of the Highway and, for certain vehicles, to dispense with normal rules governing right of way (traffic lights, stop and give way signs, priority to the right). These special provisions of the highway are only applicable when:
• the vehicle is authorised to use these devices
• the urgency of the mission justifies it
• the special audible and visual signals are switched on
• the driver takes certain precautions, especially when crossing intersections.

Current legislation for visual warning devices

Geneva regulation R.65: “Uniform prescriptions on the approval of special lights for automobiles” UN Regulation No. 65 – Special warning lamps / Uniform provisions concerning the approval of special warning lamps
for power-driven vehicles and their trailers  – More information on the UNO Site

Regulation – EN 12352 (Traffic control equipment — Warning and safety light devices)

EN 12352 standard

ClassLight output surface
ENin cm²HorizontalVerticalMinimum in candelaMaximum in candela
L1(cf. EN 12352 ; 4.1.2)300°+5° to -5°1100
L2L>18+7° to -7°+7° to -7°25100
L2H>18+7° to -7°+7° to -7°1501500
L3>75+10° to -10°+5° to -5°2100
L4(F2)>140+10° to -10°+5° to -5°43100
L5>140+2° to -2°+2° to -2°5002000
L62 x 250+10° to -10°+5° to -5°10100
L7>250+10° to -10°+5° to -5°20100
L8G>250+7,5° to -7,5°+5° to -5°25100
L8L>250+7,5° to -7,5°+5° to -5°250500
L8M>250+7,5° to -7,5°+5° to -5°5001500
L8H>250+7,5° to -7,5°+5° to -5°15005000
L9L>700+1,5° to -1,5°+1,5° to -1,5°5002000
L9M>700+1,5° to -1,5°+1,5° to -1,5°20008000
L9H>700+1,5° to -1,5°+1,5° to -1,5°2000040000