Product Return Authorisation Request

We accord a particular importance to the after sales service of our products.

In order to improve our performance and to always provide you with an optimal service, we created this return material authorization section (RMA).

Please fill in the online form.

Completing this request form online will only take you a few minutes and will allow to deal with your request as quickly as possible, because we will immediately have all the necessary information at our disposition.


Once the RMA form is received, MERCURA Technical Support will review the details, determine if an RMA is necessary and respond with an RMA number and instructions for returning the product within a few hours.

Hold on to this RMA number, it will be asked during eventual contacts with our after sales service.

Thank you to register a request for each installation (system or vehicle), ie all the elements that compose a kit or even a single installation. For two systems or two different vehicles you have to register 2 RMA requests even if the products are similar. For stock products, such as several identical beacons, only one application is possible.

When registering you will be asked some information you may find on your invoice.

However, to simplify your request, our form has been lightened.


If you need a product urgently (anticipate exchange),

a techical support or report an incident,

please contact us: Technical assistance

Products received without RMA will be systematically sent back to their sender.