As a manufacturer and supplier of electronic products for more than 20 years, MERCURA has set up a waste treatment and recycling chain.

Whether for economic, technical or obsolescent reasons, all the equipment can not be repaired. MERCURA through its partners deconstructs and revalorizes the irreparable or obsolete materials of its customers. Separation and sorting of raw materials is carried out upstream of the various approved recycling channels. MERCURA offers its experience and professional network for dismantling, upgrading and recycling of your equipment, while respecting the recognized WEEE channels for a better respect of the environment.

You can send Mercura the old products of our brand to the address below. We will take care of the dismantling or recycling of these products at our own expense.

Please download the return coupon below and affix it to your package.

The products contained in this package are intended for destruction or recycling and can not in any case be the subject of a request for return to the sender.